I love podcasting. Interesting conversations with friends and interesting people, entertaining and educating..

spillway(audio) provides editing and feed publishing services, consulting, and hosting for the following shows:

Behind the Fringe

Hosted by Natalie Joy Quesnel, this is the official podcast of the Ottawa Fringe Festival, sponsored by CBC Radio One and produced guerrilla-style by spillway(audio). Behind the Fringe takes you inside the capital’s largest theatre festival, talking to artists and staff about topics ranging from producing to touring to on-stage nudity. Whatever you want to learn about the indie theatre scene, it’s here. The first smart, sassy, and silly season of Behind the Fringe runs 17 episodes and concludes the week of June 29, 2012. Occasionally contains coarse language.

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Trevor and Chris riff on their favourite nerdy topics, blending together ingredients from all over the nerdsphere into a tasty product for you to slurp down. Coming soon.

Throw it Against the Wall

 Throw it Against the Wall is a whole-life show. Current events, food, and your favourite gadgets and tech–it’s all here, from two of the hottest nerds on the internet. Plus, insight into the artistic process, much shenanigans, and banter. So much banter. Hosted by Trevor and Natalie Joy. Contains coarse language.

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Bent: The Podcast

 The only currently cancelled show in the library, Bent: The Podcast went off-air in 2011 following a two-year run. Kevin, Trevor, and a variety of guests discussed arts and entertainment. In its time, it was the best in entertainment news, with unapologetic commentary and probing discussions about art and culture, design and managing franchises. spillway(audio) will be making the full series run of Bent: The Podcast available again for your enjoyment soon.

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