About The Spillway (You Know, This Blog)

Okay, it’s time to paint a word picture. Ready? Good.

Picture a dam. That dam is on top of a neck, and that dam is inside a really good-looking face. Okay, the dam is my brain.

Apparently the word-picture isn’t going so well. Let’s try to get back on course.

So this dam is blocking a river. The dam is called Brain-Mouth Filter Dam and the river is called Creative Runoff River. This river frequently floods and laps up against the jewel-encrusted tops of BMF Dam. Those around me, often those I love most, are living in a valley below the dam. At risk of flooding everyone out with unrequested (and pungent) Creative Runoff, I’m building a spillway. This is that spillway (for my brain).

Lots of things will hang out here. Projects I’m working on. Podcasts I record. Drawings I do, and the stories that accompany them. A little something shared, hopefully for your enjoyment, and lives will be saved.

Enjoy the diversions you find here, and think of all the people whose lives will continue, unflooded and happier, thanks to this little spillway.

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spillway(brain) by Trevor LaForce is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at spillwaybrain.wordpress.com/about.

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About Trevor (The Guy Who Writes This Blog)

Trevor is a teacher, podcaster, writer, and budding politico. He’s also a gigantic nerd, which will become immediately apparent within moments of reading a couple of posts. When he isn’t in front of a computer, he enjoys paddling, Nordic ski, and arguing about things over way too much coffee. Nine times out of ten, if you ask, he’ll have fingers in a half-dozen projects in at least three different media (mediums?) and wondering about the correct pluralization of awkward words. He also likes a little alliteration now and then.

You can find his other active projects and contact info at about.me/trevorlaforce, or in the archives of this blawg. Or you can harass him on Twitter at @trevor_CCW.

One response to “About

  • Warlord Kimmy Spice (what my friends call me)

    Hey, look at that! You actually *can* write! I am the girl from the bus. But which bus? Which girl? Life’s confusing.

    Turns out your stop was my stop, I missed it (as you know) and had to walk all the way back. It was poo :

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