One-Sheet: Four-way Stop


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3 responses to “One-Sheet: Four-way Stop

  • Josh Kaine

    This is hilarious. Reminds me a little of Kurt Vonnegut:

    He made a bunch of these illustrated, semi-political short poems. I will admit that your illustrations are better than his.

    • Trevor

      Holy crap, man, thanks. I haven’t read much (read: any) Vonnegut but I know the clout he has.

      Most of these one-sheets won’t be overly political, but I imagine some of them will be musings like what you linked to.

  • Josh Kaine

    Yeah, I should really emphasize semi-political because, as you say, the stuff that I linked to is mostly not political. I just like the idea of these short poems and as a huge KV fan I can’t help but be reminded of this artwork that he did.

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