Why Windows? (Video Redux)

Hey everyone,

So some time ago, WMPowerUser.com posted their call for video entries for a contest. Seeing as I was writing Why Windows? at the time, I figured I couldn’t go wrong adapting it to video. It answered pretty accurately the call:

Unless your device was supplied by your company, all of us made a conscious decision to buy and use a Windows Phone 7 handset.  Sometimes I am sure the decision is difficult for others to understand, given the small number of Windows Phone 7 users at present.

That is why we are running a campaign this month to help tell the world why we all chose to use the slickest operating system in the world, and to help things along we are offering cash prizes.

The competition is called “The WMPoweruser.com Why I chose Windows Phone” contest and will require entrants to upload a short video to YouTube explaining why you chose a Windows Phone over the other competing devices and operating systems.

So I did.

Here it is, for your enjoyment:

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals,


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