I Think I Finally Have a Costume

As I mentioned in the last post (Design Crazy), one of the benefits of our ever-slipping shoot date means that I can keep revising our original plans. Niko, my character, the terrorist program created by the Isomorphs to fight against Clu’s forces, has only had fragments of a costume until now, only ever visualized in really uber-crappy, nauseating, gag-inducing sketches.

It might have been drawn in 40 seconds with a fat Sharpie and a silver pen, but that’s no excuse for crappiness.

He originally just had a turtleneck thing. Then a coat. Then a parakeet. Then a Venetian blind. Seriously, guys, it was a bad scene. I’m pretty sure at one point I just gave up entirely and decided I’d shoot the movie totally naked and just put the Tron-style glow over my naughty bits.

Fortunately for my career (and unfortunately for the ladies), I think I’ve finally come up with something half-decent. It started when I finally cracked the back of what my helmet would look like when our cinematographer observed that I have a pretty face (when I’m not grimacing at terrible costume designs) and shouldn’t cover it completely.

Niko's Helmet

This was when Niko still had a coat. It is now way too warm for that.

Anyway, I got back to drawing tonight because I needed something new. I couldn’t be fighting Kadij looking like crap. Not when Lesley was going to be covered from head to toe in TOTAL SCREAMING AWESOME. And to revise what I just wrote a moment ago: I need something. Because Niko really had nothing. Seriously lamesauce. So I came up with this.

Niko now looks less like a pair of Tron-licensed pyjamas and more like a badass.

Oh yeah–click any of these to embiggen, by the way, as per usual.

Now, I’ve done two things with this costume design. One, set the tone for the costume so I can, you know, make the damn thing. But I’ve also set a fitness goal for myself in this drawing, and I’m more or less on the road to getting there thanks to a renewed interest in P90X. I’m hopeful that I can hit the tone hinted at in this drawing, particularly the well-defined shoulders.

With still several weeks to go until shooting, I think I can get there.

What else, now.

Oh yes: tomorrow night (May 17) Lesley and I are meeting with Amber to go over shots, continue storyboarding, keep planning, etc. This weekend, May 21, Lesley, Amber, and I are meeting with our extras, Flynn, Greg, and Luc, to rehearse, fit costumes, and generally ensure that this project will be freaking awesome.

I am going to bail now and do something totally unrelated in any way to Tron.

Paddle your own canoe, guys and gals,



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